DO you REALLY save money buying tires online? A study.

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With multiple choices for tire buying available to average consumers, one might be led to believe that the best deals are to be found in the cyber world. But before you purchase tires online, we would like to suggest some helpful tips that could save you money and give you more value over the life of your tires. Let’s face it, tires are expensive. So, before you click, check out this information.

Tires must be matched to your vehicles service index with regards to load index and speed rating. This information is found on the door placard of your vehicle as well as the owner’s manual. Ordering the correct size is just part of the equation, the proper speed rating and load index must match your vehicles placard. Under no circumstance should you allow someone to install tires not matched to your vehicle manufacture’s specification. Under rating could cause reduced tire life as well as create a saftey issue.

The price of a 4-tire installation could be as little as $70.00 or as high as $150.00. Wheel diameter, TPMS systems, lifted or lowered vehicles all play a part in the complexity of an installation. Not to mention sophisticated equipment and highly trained technicians who are paid at a higher level. Your safety and getting the tires installed correctly without banging up your wheels are no doubt important when considering where to have your tires and wheels installed.

The final part of a tire purchase is often the one most overlooked and neglected in our experience. Most tire manufacturers recommend rotations every 5 thousand miles. On a tire that is warranted for 60,000 miles, this means that you will need to rotate tires 12 times over the life of the tires. When buying online, this service is NOT part of the package and will tack on anywhere from $120 to $240 depending on size. Balancing every 15,000 miles or three times over the life of the tires adds another $120 to the cost of ownership, not to mention flat repairs that average $20 per repair. One can see the cost of ownership goes up to between $240 and $300 MORE after the initial purchase. However, a comprehensive Protection Plan from Porter’s Tire Stores covers ALL these costs for a lesser up-front cost and gives you peace of mind, in that if you were to damage a tire beyond safe repair, it is replaced on a prorated basis. Even without the plan lifetime rotations are free, saving you at least $120 off the top of an online tire purchase.

To sum it all up, there is value in a professional install and tire purchase from a local tire dealer that most of the time equals a better value and less hassle than buying tires online.

Roger Porter 02/22/2024

Vehicle placard stating speed rating and load index

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